A New Women’s Fiction Novel!

Dandelion Summer – A Novel (Regular and Large Print Formats)

Annie Chisholm led the perfect life for more than 30 years — at least that’s how it seemed to everyone around her. But she and her husband, Michael, knew the truth about their shattered marriage.

Eighteen months after her husband’s death, Annie still struggles with grief and guilt, unable to put the past behind her and embrace the future. On what would have been Michael’s retirement date, Annie learns that he rented an RV and planned a solo road trip for her after he had found out he was dying. Annie is reluctant to take the trip until an encounter with a former co-worker offers Annie a chance to resurrect her writing career, the one she left to start a family. The only catch? Annie will need the RV to write about all the places she and Michael vacationed early in their marriage. When Annie packs up her laptop and climbs aboard the motor home, she does it for her career, but she could never have predicted what transpires as she makes her way across the country.

Dandelion Summer is a women’s fiction novel about a woman who is forced to confront her past in order to find forgiveness.

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